Q. How long do you perform for during a typical wedding reception? 
A. 5 hours has been the norm for the past few years. That amount of time normally takes us from the cocktail hour through dinner and then into the dancing. 
Q. How do we see you perform? 
A. Check the "Schedule" page on my website to see where and when I'm performing next. 
Q. We want to make sure the party never stops. Is the music continuous? 
A. Yes. The music never stops, except of course for any special announcements, or events such as the cake cutting, garter toss and/ or the throwing of the bouquet. 
Q. We know you do a wide range of music from Frank Sinatra to Hip Hop, but can we pick and choose what we'd like to hear as well as what we don't want to hear? 
A. Absolutely. I provide couples with a current song list of tunes which I perform live (updated each month as I add new tunes) so they can pick tunes they like and don't like. I also encourage couples to make a list of their favorite artists and songs (that they don't find on my list) so that I can compile those tunes as well and have it all covered. 
Q. Do you take requests? 
A. Absolutely, all night long from anybody and everybody, provided they fit within the music program you've designed. Beyond what you'll see on my song list, I bring a huge library of recorded music and a full DJ set up that contains virtually everything popular from the Big Band Era to today's Top 40. So, I can entertain most any request. 
Q. We may need some guidance as we plan our wedding. Can you help? 
A. I've done weddings for over 30 years (oh my God!). I'm always happy to offer support and suggestions to couples in planning their reception. In my view it's all about making your special day come off just as you envision it. That's the only "rule". So, with that in mind, I'm happy to help. 
Q. What do you wear? 
A. A classic black tuxedo, unless you request otherwise. Many times I wear a white dinner jacket instead of the black tux jacket. 
Q. Our cocktail hour is going to be in a separate room from the reception. Is that a problem
A. No. I suggest that you opt for me to set up a second sound system which allows for uninterrupted music as your guests mingle and enjoy hors d'oeuvre's. 
Q. Do you provide music for the ceremony? 
A. I often provide the ceremony music. Let me know if the ceremony is in the same area as the reception, or a different location. I can handle it and, if need be, I can share some ideas for processionals, recessionals and classical pieces. 
Q. Our Reception will be held in Santa Cruz, do you travel? 
A. Yes. I travel throughout California and Nevada and the entire US. Last year I did weddings in Colorado and Washington State, Arizona and Texas. I charge a reasonable travel fee to locations outside of The Bay Area. There is no travel fee for receptions held in The Bay Area. 
Q. What if, at the reception, we want you to play beyond the contracted time? 
A. No problem. Just contact my on-site assistant to arrange for the extra time.